We supply parts in fully finished condition – machined and surface coated to meet customer requirements in full.

We source parts from the most experienced and capable manufacturers so that quality products with economical pricing is achieved.

We develop 3D model from customer drawing to arrive at weight and precise dimensional requirements to get parts accepted on first time production.

Based on requirement, we develop simulation modelling for casting production eliminating possible defects to get sound products

Our Expertise

Market Sectors

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Fuel injection parts of seven variants made of carbon steel using investment casting process for leading tractor manufacturer in India for their diesel engines.

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Mechanical Engineering

EN19 steel material forged shaft, precisely machined, ground and induction heat treated. Cross member casting made of Carbon steel for a customer in USA.

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Oil & Gas Energy

End flanges and packing glands made of Carbon steel, Alloy steel and Stainless steel material grades for valves and pumps used in oil rigs and pipelines in Middle East and Africa.

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Medical Equipment Machinery

Precipitation hardened steel part used in dialysis equipments using investment casting process for a leading Japanese medical device manufacturer.

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Construction & Mining

Wear hardened steel parts used in crushing equipments, Steel castings used in Off highway trucks in mining transportation for leading construction equipement manufacturers in India.

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Truck Assembly

High precision and durable castings used in Hydraulic cylinder assembly of Truck, Snow Plow trucks, Reservoir tanks for hydraulic vehicle for manufacturers in USA.